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What Does the Boy Scouts of American Offer to Children?

Bruce Weyhrauch

Having held positions with the Juneau Economic Development Council and the Juneau Port Authority, Bruce Weyhrauch brings extensive experience to his work as an attorney.

Bruce Weyhrauch also serves as a volunteer with the Boy Scouts of America. The organization has a membership in excess of 850,000 members or associates and offers the following to all who join.
1. A safe environment that helps young men develop useful, transferable skills through fun activities.
2. The opportunity to support their communities and develop leadership skills, such as teamwork, that will serve them well in adult life.
3. A moral structure that focuses on core values, which helps members develop character and provides them with guidance through application of the scout oath and law.
4. Access to outdoor activities and experiences, such as camping, hiking, and orienteering.
5. The opportunity to progress though various leadership and competency levels, which allows young men to focus on their own areas of interest by working towards the opportunity to earn more than 130 merit badges.

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