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The Three Styles of Sleeping Bags

An attorney and owner of the Law Office of Bruce B. Weyhrauch, LLC, Bruce Weyhrauch provides legal advice and representation to labor organizations and businesses on a range of topics, including arbitration and mediation. Beyond his professional life, Bruce Weyhrauch is also an outdoorsman who enjoys camping hiking and boating in Southeast Alaska. He has also advised many scouts on aspects of camping in the Southeast Alaska rain forest. To enjoy camping in the woods, you need a sleeping bag that suits your needs and is appropriate to that environment. Here are the three most common sleeping bags available.

1. Rectangular bags. The traditional style of sleeping bag, these maintain the same shape throughout their length, thus offering more flexibility in movement. However, this flexibility comes at the cost of allowing cooler air in near the head of the bag, so a rectangular bag may not be as suitable for camping in very cold conditions.

2. Mummy bags. This is one of most popular type of sleeping bags. Mummy bags get narrower as they reach the feet and hug the body tighter than rectangular bags. Ideal for heat retention, these bags also feature a hood at the keep the head warm.

3. Double bags. Similar in design to rectangular bags, double bags allow two people to share a sleeping bag. Heat retention lowers with a double bag, however, the bag's inhabitants share body heat. Due to its weight, the double bag is rarely chosen for backpacking, unless two share taking half.

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