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The Foundation for End of Life Care’s Funding Work

Bruce Weyhrauch

An alumnus of the Northwestern School of Law of Lewis and Clark College, Bruce Weyhrauch has served clients from his law office in Juneau, Alaska since 1988. Apart from his professional endeavors, Bruce Weyhrauch serves on the board of directors of several nonprofit organizations, including serving as Secretary on the Board of Directors of the Foundation for End of Life Care, Inc. (FELC).

From its headquarters in Juneau, the FELC supports bereavement care, end of life decision making processes, education of the public on end of life matters, and hospice and home care organizations that provide end-of-life care. The FELC does this primarily by offering financial grants to organizations, and helping them expand the services they offer to patients and their families.
FELC also meets it charitable and educational mission by sponsoring community education programs, such as presentations, speaking engagements, special publications, and a range of community projects. In doing so, the FELC aims to improve standards of end-of-life care by raising awareness about current standards. Since 2000, it has invested thousands of dollars into end of life and hospice programs.
A nonprofit organization, it accepts donations via its website and commits to ensuring the responsible management and use of the funds it raises.

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