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The Alaska Ocean Center Will Positively Impact Juneau

Juneau resident Bruce Weyhrauch is an attorney who has applied over 30 years of experience providing legal services, and numerous volunteer efforts to organizations in and around his community. In addition to representing clients in the areas of natural resources, labor relations, fisheries, marine pilotage, and construction, Bruce Weyhrauch is also dedicated to the development of the Juneau community. To that end, he currently serves on the board of directors for the Alaska Ocean Center, a destination that will positively affect the community in a myriad of ways.

Plans for the Alaska Ocean Center revolve around a desire to create a place for residents and tourists to learn about and better understand the ocean sciences. Organizers of the Alaska Ocean Center envisioned a community gathering place that showcases marine discoveries, encourages people to become involved in ongoing efforts to support research, and inspire conservation efforts.

The site for the Juneau Ocean Center overlooks Gastineau Channel in Juneau and the forested mountains on Douglas Island. The $12 million facility, designed by MRV Architects, will be LEED platinum certified and include numerous features that will be sensitive to conservation and environmental concerns. The building will feature a green roof, parkland with natural tide pools for visitors to explore, and stunning exhibits. In addition, plans call for a floating dock to accommodate an electric powered marine vessel to transport tourists from visiting cruise ships.

Not only will the Alaska Ocean Center provide a place of learning and growth to residents and tourists, it will also provide economic benefits to the city of Juneau by creating jobs and additional tourist activities in the area. Organizers plan for the center to be self-supporting through the sales of tickets and concessions.


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