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Rotary International Teams with Gates Foundation to End Polio

Bruce Weyhrauch

An accomplished attorney in Juneau, Alaska, Bruce Weyhrauch possesses more than three decades of professional experience. Outside of work, Bruce Weyhrauch gives back through his involvement with several organizations, including Rotary International. He sits on the board of directors for this organization, which undertakes projects around the world to improve quality of life in underserved communities.

This summer, Rotary International announced a new partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that will provide up to $450 million to eradicate the polio disease. This funding will cover the costs of immunization and surveillance in the three countries where polio persists: Nigeria, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. By ending the disease in these countries, Rotary International aims to keep the rest of the world free from polio.

Rates of polio have decreased dramatically in recent years, largely due to previous efforts undertaken by Rotary International. Fewer cases of polio-related paralysis occurred in 2016 than ever before. At the same time, both Rotary International and the Gates Foundation believe that even one case of paralysis due to a preventable disease is too many. The new funding will help ensure that all children in affected areas receive the vaccine to prevent any further spread of the disease.

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