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Foundation for End-of-Life Care Invests in Bereavement Support

Bruce Weyhrauch

An active member of the Juneau, Alaska, community, Bruce Weyhrauch has served on the boards of several organizations in Juneau, including Rotary International, the Juneau Economic Development Council, Big Brothers Big Sisters, the AWARE women’s shelter, the Alaska Commercial Fishermen’s Memorial in Juneau, Toastmasters International, the Boy Scouts Executive Board, and the Alaska Oceans Center. Bruce Weyhrauch also serves on the Board of Directors of the Foundation for End of Life Care.

In its effort to support individuals and family members help support a person going through the final stages of life, the Foundation supports the Hospice and Home Care and provides educational and support on the end of life. Hospice support is incredibly important because it is dedicated to helping people process grief and cope with impending death from a personal and professional perspective. The National Bereavement Teleconference, an annual event that joins more than 100,000 professionals across the United States, also assists in the bereavement process. Clergy members, hospice professionals, grief counselors, and social workers share strategies that they have found most successful in supporting patients and their family members as they prepare for the end of life. 

The organizations have also created formal grief counseling programs and set up clergy-to-clergy services to ensure that professionals receive the support they need when confronting end-of-life issues.


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