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Alaska Ocean Center to Spread Awareness of Ocean Conservation

Bruce Weyhrauch

Attorney Bruce Weyhrauch manages his own legal practice in Juneau, Alaska. Bruce Weyhrauch also serves on the board of directors of the Alaska Ocean Center (AOC), an interpretive program center that would be constructed on the Juneau waterfront that will, among other things, provide educational programs to the public about ocean sciences.

The Alaska Ocean Center will maintain a threefold goal of providing fun and innovative science education while spreading awareness of marine science discoveries, and fostering citizen involvement. Programs and exhibits featured at the center will generate understanding about Alaska’s oceans and cultivate a network for science and environmental stewardship that extends beyond the Alaskan community. Furthermore, AOC programs will incorporate interactive elements that inspire visitors to support efforts to promote good ocean health.

Construction plans for the AOC facility include a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum certified building. Guests to the center may explore the area’s tide pools and access a green-roofed public area offering ocean and mountain views.

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